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Offene Fragen rund um Karte, Kartenzahlung, Konto, Sicherheit, Kundenservice UND VIELES MEHR: HELP... I CAN NOT IDENTIFY THE ACCOUNT BY VIDEOCALL!! Alle Diskussionen


Von lukexchange am 23.12.2018 um 12:29

Can not identify my video account.
I tried to make a video identification for my account, but for the reason that I do not know English well, I could not understand the fidorbank operator and I did not identify myself.
I called a translator to translate my name, but the fidorbank operator refused my identification by a translator.
They said they had to talk to me personally.
I was with my translators on video identification, but they did not accept a translator to help me understand what he was saying.
Please give me some advice on what to do?
How do I identify my account?

Multinator schrieb am 23.12.2018 um 13:40

There is no other way for beeing identified. This is not an international bank. The support only speeks german or english. And according to the conditions, a translater is not allowed, because a translater can make mistakes, so that there a many things that can be misunderstout.

FotoBLN schrieb am 23.12.2018 um 17:33

As Multinator wrote,

you can not open an Bank Account on Fidor, if you dont can Speak English or German.
You also need a Valid ID.

So of one of this not aviable, you can only be a Member of the Fidor Community, but not open an Fidor Bank Account!

FotoBLN schrieb am 23.12.2018 um 17:34

Oh by the way, the Community is also German ;) And a bit English is possible ;)

Klicken Sie hier um Mitglied zu werden!

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