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szaheri111 - 12.01.2018 - 21:09:12

If Kraken goes down and everyones bitcoin gets stolen like Mt. Gox did, are our euros that we transferred to Kraken safe?

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polycolor - 12.01.2018 - 21:13:36

Kraken is down/ off
I think they will fix this and your money will be still there.

szaheri111 - 12.01.2018 - 21:15:07

I hope so!

polycolor - 12.01.2018 - 21:20:38

I think kraken was not prepared for so many new customers.

kammann - 12.01.2018 - 22:56:49

The account you are transferring your Euros to is held in the name of Kraken. If Kraken is going out of business, there is no protection of customer funds, i.e. your money is lost.
If Kraken gets successfully attacked after you have converted Euros to Bitcon it is your bitcoin wallet that gets stolen. There is no reimbursement or compensation according to the governing law (here: of the US).

frenkib - 13.01.2018 - 05:24:55

Well, the law is only the minimal guarantee. Might not bee what actually happens.

See Bitfinex. They were hacked in 2016. They paid their customers back. Sort of.

Or see Nicehash. They were hacked last november. They are paying their customers back next month.

Coinbase has an insurance for their users funds.

Apart from this, kraken is not going down. It's about time they're updating their crappy servers. Was unusable for months.

You can stay up to date here: https://status.kraken.com/

salat000 - 14.01.2018 - 21:04:20

Just get your own wallet. The only purpose of kraken is that it is a quite useful FIAT-Gateway. It's not where you keep your Cryptos.

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